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cell: 626.590.9363




I do production audio recording, ADR, foley, sound design, post mixing, voice overs, music playback for videos, and music composition. I have been recording music since 1998 and have been recording audio and doing post for film since 2006.


production audio equipment:

In short, I have 4 different booms, 9 lavs, and a four channel recorder for portable recording and a sound cart with 16 channels of recording capability. I have adaptors to run sound into most cameras. Below is a detailed list.


Boom Mics

1 Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U3 boom microphone

1 Audio Technica BP4029 stereo shotgun

1 Sennheiser ME66 boom capsule

1 Sennheiser ME64 boom capsule

1 Sennheiser K6 boom module


3 Sanken COS-11D lavalier microphone wired for Lectrosonics

3 Lectrosonics SMQV wireless transmitters

3 Lectrosonics UCR411A wireless receivers

3 Sony UWPV1 wireless lavalier systems

1 Sennheiser ew 122-p G3 wireless lavalier system

2 Sennheiser ew 100-ENG G2 wireless lavalier systems


1 Sound Devices 302 production field mixer

1 Sound Devices 744T digital audio recorder with time code

1 Edirol R-44 4-channel solid state field recorder for portable recording. Records on SD cards.

1 Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2 16 channel 4 bus digital mixer.

2 Presonus FP10 10 input recording interface directly to my laptop for production recording. It can record up to 20 tracks at 48kHz 24bit.

1 Backstage TR-01 sound cart

Miscellaneous Gear

1 Deneke TS-3 Smart Slate

1 Comtek M-216 portable wireless field transmitter

2 Comtek PR-216 portable wireless field receivers

1 Rycote Modular Windshield kit

1 ART HeadAmp6 Pro 6 channel headphone amp

1 Petrol bag PS601 with a PS605 harness

1 PSC 25' 2 XLR breakaway cable

2 IDX NP-L7S battery system for extra long battery life.


2 AKG C1000s condenser mics

4 Shure SM57 dynamic mics

2 Shure SM58 dynamic mics

1 Shure Beta 52A dynamic mic

1 Shure SM 81 condensor mic

1 Rode NT1-A studio condenser mic

1 Electro-Voice RE20 dynamic mic

1 Blue Ball dynamic mic

1 Sure BG 1.0 dynamic mic for talkback

Boom Poles

1 PSC Large Elite 12'4" boom pole

1 K-Tek 110CCR 9'2" boom pole

1 12' LS boom pole

1 6'7" Gtizo G556 boom pole


post equipment:

I have a mixing station at my house with 5 Mackie HR824's and 1 JBL LSR2310SP subwoofer capable of 5.1 surround mixes.

I use a Presonus Firestudio Project 10 input recording interface used for studio post-production.

I use both Mac and PC.

I have an Acer H5360 720p 3D projector projecting on a 120" Elite Screens projection screen.

One of my rooms is sound-proofed and has been used for ADR, voice over, music recording, and foley sessions.

My musical equipment includes; 1 cello, 1 Ibanez bass, 1 upright piano, 3 electric guitars, 2 Marshall half stacks, several analog effects, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 nylon string guitar, 1 mandolin, 1 accordion, 1 trumpet, 2 harmonicas, and 3 MIDI keyboards.


sound reinforcemnet and music playback for video equipment:

2 JBL TR225 two-way loudspeakers

2 Behringer Eurolive B210D active PA speaker

1 QSC MX 1500a 1500 watt amplifier

1 Behringer MX2004A 20-channel mixing console


last updated 6/23/13